Frequently Asked Questions

  • If you have a WordPress build website – great – our data management plug-in software was development to easily compliment this type of website design.
  • If your website is built on another platform other than WordPress our plug-in can be used as a SaaS Application.
  • We can also act as a cost-effective supplement regardless of how your website was built for prospective donor tracking, events, volunteering, and peer-to-peer fundraising.
  • Nonprofix is $79 a month, which includes donors tracking and on-line donation ‘giving’ pages built into your website, prospective donor tracking, event planning tied right into your website, volunteer sign-up and management, and peer-to-peer marketing opportunities.
  • No catch, we developed Nonprofix for YOU, the hard working nonprofit trying to help make the world a better place for us all.
Depending on how much existing supporter data you have, a client can be up and running in minutes.
YES…we work with clients during the onboarding process with tips to “harden” their website data and make sure it’s backed up regularly.
  • Nonprofix was developed to give nonprofits another option when it comes to data management.
  • We aren’t trying to compete with large data management systems (CRM’s), as our platform is specifically designed to grow nonprofits and not as a toolset for large marketing teams.
  • Nonprofix manages all that’s needed to run a successful nonprofit and does so in a simplified and affordable way.
  • We’ve been in your shoes and know to spend extra time fighting with technology is no fun.
  • Larger nonprofits that can afford a team of people to manage data have the time and money to use more robust systems.
  • Only use our plug-in if you want streamlined data management that pulls in all the moving parts of your nonprofit into once place without having to learn complicated systems before you do so!
  • Not at all. Nonprofix only requires a 60 notice to cancel and your data can be easily moved to another platform in minutes.
  • However, if you decide to use another data management system for donors, why not keep our plug-in for event planning, volunteer management, prospective donor cultivating, and peer-to-peer marketing opportunities?
  • We are sure you’ll love it and won’t want to leave, but if you do…you have plenty of freedom.