Nonprofix offers nonprofits an all-in-one software tracking solution built into their website.
There are too many costly data management applications on the market today – many designed to manage a nonprofit’s supporter applications. These applications have the important goals of securing donations and retaining existing donors. These same software platforms can be overly complicated, especially for the smaller nonprofits, which often have small teams and no paid staff.
It’s unrealistic for these teams to find the time to learn how to effectively use what’s on the market today, and they may not possess the necessary skills. Much of what is offered and paid for isn’t needed for the smaller nonprofit. These software platforms are robust, with a lot of bells and whistles, but a large percentage of what’s offered isn’t used at all. What is needed will most likely need to be found in another software application, costing more money and taking even more time to learn.
Activities such as tracking volunteers, tracking grants, and planning events are not typically included in one platform, and they usually incur an additional cost! CRMs on the market today also penalize a nonprofit for garnering support by charging more money per data record secured. Nonprofix has one set price point, and will celebrate your success, not penalize you for it.
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