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Our extensive experience in nonprofit consulting guides us in helping our partners achieve their missions by providing the right services at a cost they can afford. Nonprofix does not just offer products or services; we offer a partnership. Take a look at our development and marketing services below and reach out if you need help in any of these areas!


We study a nonprofit’s strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement. Then we craft a customized Case for Support that offers a clear path forward to success.

Development Assessment
  • A fundraising audit is completed to analyze what the nonprofit has done in the past to secure support.
  • Nonprofix examines prior campaigns, stewardship efforts, digital and formal communications, and much more to determine opportunities to improve fundraising.
Case for Support
  • All nonprofits need a strong Case for Support to effectively raise funds.
Budget Development
  • Many nonprofits don’t have detailed budgets in place to guide decision making, and with many grantors requiring this, it must be a key element in any development strategy.
Development Planning
  • Once a Development Assessment, Case for Support, and Budget are in place, work can begin to create a detailed road map to follow for fundraising success.
Board Development
  • Includes reviewing by laws for updates/revisions, creating a board handbook, conducting board interviews, assisting with onboarding of new board members, and more.
Grant Development
  • Includes a grant executive summary, qualifying grants and grantors, and identification of collaborative partnerships.
Donor Analysis
  • Clearly identifies active, lapsed, and inactive donors and develops strategies to engage all three categories and increase giving across the board.
  • Implements detailed plans for acquiring new donors and supporters.
Donor Prospect Tools
  • Guides nonprofit leaders in interactions with potential donors to maximize major giving.
Development Staff Management
  • Hiring and training consultancy services are available for development and marketing staff.


Our experts define S.M.A.R.T. marketing goals and teach nonprofits to leverage tools and techniques to tell better stories and to create a deeper connection with their supporters.

Marketing Calendar Planning
  • Building a comprehensive marketing calendar is vital to fundraising success. Nonprofix understands the importance of proper planning with an overarching strategy. We work with nonprofits to understand their fundraising needs and craft thoughtful, creative, and effective communication campaigns – keeping everyone on the same page, accountable, and confident.
  • What is the first thing a potential donor sees when they interact with a nonprofit, and how does it make them feel? The logo, color scheme, website, and even social media are all elements that create a powerful first impression. Nonprofix understands the power of branding to make the right impression with everyday supporters and major donors alike.
Website Design and Development
  • A website is much more than a collection of information about what you do – it is a guide for potential donors and supporters of your mission. Design and functionality are vital for successful website outcomes and growth. For example, consider that donations drop by 11% just by taking people off site using a third-party payment processor.
Website Maintenance
  • Website maintenance includes ensuring the site is functioning well (speed, security, etc.), everything is up to date, and content is added regularly.
Website User Training
  • We teach some of our clients to be self sufficient and to learn the best practices needed to be able to maintain a high-quality web presence.
Social Media Fundraising / Ad Campaigns
  • In today’s digital marketing landscape, it is not enough to wait for people to come to you organically. That is why we place emphasis on reaching new people through effective, emotion-based advertising on social channels like Facebook and Instagram. Not only can these tactics be effective in gaining new followers, but they can also be deployed to gain new donors with impactful campaigns.
Email Marketing
  • Solid email marketing is a marketing must for nonprofits. With a proven ROI better than most other marketing channels, messaging and consistency are key to success. Nonprofix assists in organizing data, segmenting supporter lists, maintaining a marketing calendar, developing stories, designing effective emails, and analyzing results. With our help, nonprofits increase online fundraising while developing deeper connections with supporters using story-based email marketing techniques and best practices.
Direct Mail Campaigns
  • Direct mail is vital to a thriving nonprofit. Many smaller nonprofits, however, struggle with this important fundraising channel. Our team helps nonprofits get direct mail programs off the ground, including copywriting, design, data cleaning, list purchasing, and even the coordinating of mailing logistics with the printer and post office.
Integrated Marketing Fundraising Campaign
  • While having a plan is important, implementing it is vital. Our team is unique in that we help our clients execute the high-performing campaigns we plan with them. This results in a much better success rate. Take Giving Tuesday for example. An integrated marketing campaign planned and executed by Nonprofix can include emails, social ads and posts, mailings, press releases, and more. An integrated marketing approach is far more effective than using just one channel.
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